How It Works

How to easily and safely turn your tech into money:

Step 1:

Use the website to see how much we can offer for your console. We buy all the mainstream models.

We aim to offer you as much as possible, while still being able to resell your device at a sustainable profit.

We have to take into account courier costs, labour, refurbishing and repackaging costs as well as the risks of fraud when we resell.

The website will give pricing for all the models we buy.

If you have any other high-end tech device you’d like to sell, you are welcome to contact us with the details and we will gladly make you an offer.

Step 2:

Once you have put in all the details of your console, the website will tell you how much we can offer. 

Common practice in the industry is to offer a lot (so you send your console to the company) and then they tell you “oops, sorry, the market price dropped. We can’t offer you so much any more”.

We don’t have time for that nonsense, and neither do you. The offer you see if the amount you will be paid, if the console is as you said it was. 

If you tell us it’s in mint condition but actually, it’s in need of major TLC, we will contact you and make a fair offer.

If you tell us it needs TLC but we find it’s better than expected, we will pay you more. Simple as that.

Step 3:

The website will offer you three payment options:

  1. 1. Get paid ASAP
  2. 2. Get paid in one week (earn 5% extra) 
  3. 3. Get paid in two weeks (earn 7% extra)
  4. You can decide which is best for you. We pay extra if you choose to get paid later, because it helps our cashflow, and if you help us, it’s only fair that we help you.
  5. Once you have decided, the website will ask when you’d like the console to be collected, and it will ask for your banking details. 
  6. The couriers will pick up on the day you have selected. We can only do pickups on week days.

The couriers will rush your console to us. Please wrap it safely so it will not be damaged during transit. It takes two to three working days for us to receive consoles sent from JHB and PTA, and three to five working days from other areas.

We use road freight for consoles, instead of overnight courier services, to save costs due to the weight and size of the consoles. Ultimately, this means we can offer you more for your console because it reduces our costs.

Step 4:

As soon your console arrives, we will check that it matches the condition you said it was in and that all the accessories (if any) work.

You will be paid by EFT in the time frame you selected when making the submission on our site, if everything is in order. We will email you if we have any questions.

We bank with FNB. If you bank with another bank, the payment may take 24 – 48 hours to reflect.

We will pay extra if it is in a “better than described” condition and will contact you if it is in a worse condition than what was described and discuss a price that will make everyone happy.

Kindly note that if the condition of the device was incorrectly submitted on the website, or if an incorrect device was submitted and you are not happy with the quotation provided, we do require a payment of R250.00 in order to send the device back to you. This is only to cover the courier costs involved.

See the terms and conditions here.

We were the first in SA to start a business like this, and have worked hard to show customers that you really can safely sell your console online in South Africa. Rest assured, you are in good hands.

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