We make it safe and simple to sell your console.

We’ve been there too – calls at crazy hours, stupidly-low offers and outright scammers trying to get you to courier your iPhone to them. An absolute pain.

Our business has been built, from the ground up, to take the pain out of the process.

We have paid out R7,942,735 out to date.

(Yes, really - we buy hundreds of tech products every month)

6 Simple Steps To Getting Paid:

People you can trust

We have been providing a safe and easy way for you to turn tech into cash since 2014.

We're not one of these "fly by night" operations giving unbelievably high offers and then never delivering on the promise.

No scams. No haggling. No stolen cheque deposits. No phone calls at 1am.

Just a fast and safe guaranteed sale.

Protecting you from Scammers

We work with SA's leading corporates, insurance companies and thousands of individuals.

We'll give you a fair price for your console and will pay you by EFT within two working days of us receiving and testing your device.

Our couriers will collect your device from you anywhere in South Africa, free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about how this works?

We'd be surprised if you didn't.

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Businesses in our group:

Platinum Repairs iPhone Repairs
Specialist repairers of high-end tech devices for insurance companies, corporates and discerning individuals.

Phone / iPad / MacBook / iMac / Samsung / Huawei / LG / Sony / Laptops
This is where we sell the devices we buy.

Buy with condfidence from SA's most reputable online retailers of pre-loved devices. Over 2,000 satisfied clients since 2013.
Sell Your Samsung safely
Sell new, used or broken Samsung smartphones and tablets, safely and easily.

Just like this website, but for selling Samsung devices.
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